Welcome to ComputerQueen.Net.
We strive to make technology accessible, and tech support affordable. 

We are a full service Computer Support Firm, located in Downtown Sacramento.  We offer both Phone / Remote Support and In-Person Support for issues that cannot be resolved remotely (i.e. Hardware Failures, Operating System Failure, etc.).   Additionally, for our Managed Services Customers, we are an integrated system of Local Area Networks in Northern California, with the Support Center being located in Downtown Sacramento.  Our Remote Support offerings to our Managed Services users  involve remotely taking control of the user's computer so that we can share screens and thus better educate and assist our customer in completing the task they are having trouble with.

We love it when we can provide our customers with a computer that they feel comfortable using, and that fits their needs perfectly.  We believe that it's bad business to sell you more computer (or suggest unnecessary upgrades) than you will need in the next 3-5 years just to make more money. Conversely, we prefer to assess your computing needs, and then suggest products that will be the most cost effective while getting you to your goal with as little stress as possible.

 Contact our Support Line for more information, and to see how we can bring the latest technologies into your grasp ... or at least make what you already have work better for you.


Latest News: The Glimmer of Hope changes forms .... and Grows!

So, the investor that had presented himself has fallen by the wayside, but the news isn't all bad.  New clients are beginning to flow in, and business is picking up from many directions.  Many thanks to my Friends and Clients for spreading the word of how we're trying to revolutionize Computer Support by creating an atmosphere where customers can get help in a stress free and hassle free way.  I can never thank our supporters enough for bringing us both repeat business and new customers via the most effective means of advertising .... Word Of Mouth!  

Studies show that a customer who is wronged by a company will tell 10 people on average, while only sharing good experiences with two other people.  By the volume of customers being referred, we are beginning to believe that we are meeting our aim,  which is providing Superior Customer AND Computer Service at a honestly fair price.

The best thing we can say for this continuing opportunity is THANK YOU ALL!

And, as always ... Thank you for your business!  :-)


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4904 Ferigo Lane, Sacramento, CA 95841

Phone: (916) 281-9021
Fax: (916) 281-2175
E-mail: support@computerqueen.net

Supported Platforms

While we are proud to be Microsoft Certified, we don't just stop at Windows.  We support Windows, Mac OS X, and *nix based computers.  Additionally, we support iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile devices.